How to make best coffee guide

Making coffee? It sounds so simple right? Actually, making coffee is quite easy. The only difference between people who make great tasting coffee with people who don’t is the way people follow the “how to make coffee” guide. But we know you do that’s why you’re here because you are interested in making sure you get the best out of making coffee.

Now we’ve gathered coffee making tips from experience and through talking to different people in the industry and we could proudly say that together making coffee is going to be fun and it would taste really good. We’re pretty sure you are all excited to jump in and start making coffee right away huh?

From grinding beans to storing coffee beans, we will try to tackle everything you need to know in relation to making coffee. Wait, you mean storing coffee beans is important?

Well, yes as you will find out later and you will also find out that how to make coffee is a process that is fun to do.

We know how important coffee is for you that’s why we are here to share with you coffee making tips that is fun and easy to understand.

You may also agree that whether you’re making coffee for yourself, for your family and friends or for your customers (in case you start a coffee store), one thing remains clear and that is brewing or making coffee has to be perfect right?

How to make coffee perfectly seems to be a stretch or subjective since for you, the coffee you’ve been drinking might already be the right one while for others the coffee they make may not satisfy their taste buds. But we are here to make sure that everyone’s coffee tastes really great and should satisfy everyone.

There are just a few important things we have to remember on how to make coffee we make really good. So let’s start with our coffee making tips.

How to Make Coffee Tip #1.

Buy fresh roasted coffee

Here we go with the first of seven coffee making tips.

Selecting and storing coffee beans are really important. As much as possible make sure you buy your coffee as soon as it has been roasted (if you don’t roast your own beans).

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In buying, remember that you are making coffee for the week ahead and not the month ahead so don’t buy too much beans as you will just lose the freshness it has. Just buy in small amounts and ideally you should purchase the coffee beans every 1-2 weeks or adjust depending on the demand of your household.

One of the coffee making tips that is often forgetten is that you should buy beans that have been stored in an air tight packaging.

Storing coffee beans is very important as they easily lose their flavor when in direct sunlight and when exposed to air.

This is the reason why we love storing coffee beans in those vacuum containers that once gets locked, it automatically releases air from inside the container, making it really air tight. Let’s make storing coffee beans a priority shall we.

And another thing when storing coffee beans, don’t ever put coffee inside a refrigerator as it is known to easily absorb other odors and this could easilyaffect the taste. This is definitely to a good way of storing coffee beans. Also, it is not advisable to have it placed in the freezer but if you have to you should have it in an airtight container and just take out what you need at a given time.

Tip #2. Make grinding beans close to brewing time a habit

Grinding beans yourself is really important when you buy fresh roasted coffee beans. The reason is simple, whole beans maintain their freshness much longer than purchasing ground coffee from your local coffee shop. But if you won’t be grinding beans at once make sure you just get enough for the next three to four days and don’t forget that storing coffee beans, if there any excess, is just as important.

When grinding beans, I suggest that you choose a burr coffee grinder over the less expensive blade grinder. Burr grinder is the way to go because it the coffee is ground to a consistent size – the coarseness is just nice. I don’t really recommend getting the blade grinder simply because it heats up the coffee and affects the taste. I’m pretty sure you don’t want burnt tasting coffee – yuck!

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Click on here to learn more about grinding beans and the different kinds there are.

How to Make Coffee Tip #3.

Use fresh and cold water

How important is water in the taste of your coffee? Extremely important as coffee is made up of 98% water. In making coffee, you may use tap water but if it gives off a taste of chlorine do not use it.

And if you are in a country where tap water isn’t potable, of course you’re better off using bottled water but avoid using the distilled, carbonated or mineral water. Filtered water is much better for your coffee so getting one installed is a necessity if you’re getting tap water.

As for the ratio of coffee to water, use one to two tablespoons of ground coffee for every six ounces of water. Of course, you may adjust this depending on your taste.

Feel free to experiment at first to know what suits your taste buds. Just don’t make it too watered down all right? Or you will be back to square one – grinding beans for the next batch.

One of the coffee making tips that’s important when using a french coffee press is the proportion. Two tablespoons or 10g of ground coffee to every 180 mL of water will do. In a 3-cup Press, use 20 g of coffee. As for an 8-cup Press, use 50 g of coffee while a 12-cup Press should be 80 g of coffee.

How to Make Coffee Tip #4.

Maintain the right temperature

The best temperature in making coffee is at 200 degrees Fahrenheit but it would be hard to get this exactly right if you don’t have a thermostat. Luckily, a lot of drip coffee makers/ brewers offer you an option to what degree you want your coffee to be.

Yes, 200 degrees Fahrenheit is the best but a lot would agree that anywhere between 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit will be okay.

Now, if you’re using a french press and there’s no way in knowing the temperature, just remove the kettle with boiling waterfrom the heat and let it rest for thirty seconds before pouring it again.

How to Make Coffee Tip #5.

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Brew at the correct length of time

How to make coffee and the length of time needed isn’t a problem for any coffee makers/machines as the time in making coffee is already set or could be set but the problem arises when you use a french press.

No worries here as you just need a clock or a stopwatch and you’re done. Just let it steep for four minutes, plunge and enjoy. If you’re in a rush and couldn’t wait to drink your coffee, three minutes is also okay.

How to Make Coffee Tip #6.

Enjoy your coffee immediately

The first step in how to make coffee is actually the brewing part while the next step is enjoying the coffee. Drink it within 20 minutes after brewing it. But if, let’s say, you won’t be drinking it at once then make sure the temperature is at 180-185 degrees Fahrenheit and it should never be left on an electric burner more than 15 minutes.

The most important thing here is enjoying every sip and the aroma of the coffee. If you had fun making coffee then you should also let your senses have fun. Smell it, drink it and most of all share it. Let your family and friends know that you can make coffee. Oh, not just coffee – great coffee.

And after you enjoy your coffee..

How to Make Coffee Tip #7.

Clean your coffee maker / equipment right after

Make sure that your coffee maker is clean right after you use it. Grinding beans obviously will produce coffee oil and if you don’t thoroughly clean it, build up of the oil could lead to an extra bitter taste the next time you’ll be making coffee. Love your beans and love your coffee maker and equipment.

Hope you learned something in making coffee and hope you apply these coffee making tips in your next attempt to coffee perfection.

Until next time coffee lovers! Go on now, enjoy this How to Make Coffee guide and start grinding beans. Oh and don’t forget that after making coffee that storing coffee beans is really important so do it before the freshness of the beans is gone.

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